Haitian Artist Martino Dorce – Art Exhibit at Zambezi Bazaar
Thurs. Oct 29 thru Tues Nov. 3 2015

Martino Dorcé transports the viewer to a tropical paradise that is at once colorful and innocent, while at the same time, mysterious and sophisticated. To his lush, detailed pen and India ink drawings, he adds layers of rich watercolors until he achieves vividness not usually associated with the medium.

Martino was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti where his artistic gift was nurtured and encouraged. By the age of ten he could already support himself on the money he made by selling his paintings to tourists at the famous Iron Market. His unique style has grown and developed naturally, uninfluenced by any art training. His work is so distinctive that many have recognized it after having bought pieces from him in his homeland as much as twenty years before. While Haiti has always produced wonderful oil painters, Martino stands out as one of the island’s foremost watercolor artists.

Martino came to the United States in 1987 after meeting and marrying his American wife in Haiti. Though Martino comes from a city teeming with humanity, his work shows the sensitivity and gentleness inherent in the artist. His Vodou ceremonies and festival dances are full of movement and power that arouses the spirit and excites the soul. His landscapes show colorful Haitian villages with lively marketplaces, languid lagoons with boys fishing and swimming, palm trees swaying and boats bobbing in the sea and peasant men and women taking their wares to market from the lush countryside. Martino’s work reflects the Haitian’s indomitable spirit and joy of life. Since his arrival in California, he has been charming people all over the world with his beautiful paintings and his warm island personality. Look for the brilliant colors, then the brilliant smile that will be Martino DorcĂ©.

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